Woorton is an algorithmic trading desk enabling liquidity for the next wave of digital assets.

We provide liquidity globally to the digital asset industry. Specialized in algorithmic trading and advanced technology, we thrive to provide the most efficient execution and the highest caliber of services, making markets more fair and accessible for all.

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As a leading European market maker, Woorton generates deep liquidity that helps to create more efficient markets. Our liquidity is powered by innovative, proprietary technology and designed to automate market making and post-trade processes.


Market Making

We are a designated market maker on several exchanges providing liquidity in over 100 pairs.


Order Execution

We facilitate execution of all digital assets against 27 fiat currencies.


Tight spreads to increase volume for users


Manage volatility and minimize price spikes

Digital Asset

Ensure liquidity on the first exchanges

Stable Coins

Tight spreads on multiple exchanges

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Market Making

Woorton is a designated market maker on several exchanges providing liquidity in over 100 pairs.

Market makers perform a critical role in facilitating price discovery during periods of imbalance or volatility. Woorton maintains fair and orderly markets at all times and under all circumstances. As a result, we are integral to dampening volatility and providing liquidity.

our solutions

Order Execution

Woorton provides liquidity on all digital assets against 27 fiat currencies with settlement post-trade.

Our team of experts in electronic execution is dedicated to delivering unbiased, transparent and flexible solutions. They meld algo strategies and routing protocols with our innovative liquidity and workflow tools, helping you improve performance, reduce transactions costs and manage risk in any digital asset.

Assets Managers

Dedicated team for immediate pricing


Seamless API integration


Quick onboarding and end-to-end support

Payment Providers

Multiple currencies available

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